Silph Road


The app every Pokemon trainer dreams of


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If you play Pokemon Go and you want to join one of the most interesting communities for this game, Silph Road is the way to go! On Silph Road, you can share information with hundreds of people around you, becoming the Pokemon trainer you've always wanted to be.

Silph Road is a great app that helps you and others find the pokemon you're looking for in real time, discover nests for hard-to-catch pokemon, and getting better acquainted with the sighting patterns around you. If you find a rare pokemon, for example, you can mark it on your sightings map so other trainers can run there and get it too. You can also ask for help fighting or finishing a raid. On Silph Road, community is everything.

When you open Silph Road for the first time, you'll need to create an account so you can add medals and track your progress. The medals are awarded on a daily basis and are unique to each event, so you'll really have to try if you want to get one. With your account in place, you can meet other trainers and exchange pokemon as well as get to know the surrounding area.

Silph Road is one of the best communities a Pokemon trainer can hope to be a part of. With this community by your side, you'll always know what's happening nearby and can catch even the most elusive pokemon.